Few are those who, having a craft beer in their hands, wonder what should be its chemical content, what ingredients are used to make the beverage.

Because, of course, the taste of craft beer is very different from industrial beers. And in this sense, the master brewers know that hops are key for that flavor that pursue wit his craft beers.

Hops and its 3 x 1: flavor, aroma and bitter

Hops, whose scientific name is Humulus lupulus, are part of the family of the Cannabaceas. What is really interesting and helpful for the producers of beer is the flower of the hop plant.

Hops is the ingredient that brings to the craft beer bitterness, something that acts as a counterpoint to the sweet notes which give the malt sugars.

In addition, the particular flavor of the craft beers would not be possible without the use of this particular plant.

And, the third value of the hops in the craft brewing is the aroma. An increasingly valued feature among consumers. Because without to perceive the aroma given off by every craft beer, beer tasting experience is not complete.

Curiosities of the hops

Hops is a plant that has generated much interest throughout history. These are some of their most surprising curiosities.

  1. Even entered the 9th century, hops were not grown in central Europe, so it had to be collected in the wild.
  2. Years ago, hops had been used as a medicinal plant to soothe ailments related to headache, insomnia… And, indeed, hops in a big part of the popular soothing effects of artisan beer.
  3. Around the world there are at least 6 museums that revolve around this valuable plant.
  4. Thanks to the invention of the gas chromatograph, it was discovered that hops has more than 400 components.
  5. In countries of Central Europe, such as Germany, so the importance of hops that is often given a role protagonist at local parties. For example, in Hallertau (Bavaria), during the month of August will choose “the Queen of the hop”.

Summing up, hops is key to the development of craft beers. In fact, the master brewers can afford licenses to experiment with hops from different countries and, then, develop different craft beers.

La Cervesera Artesana uses hops from demanding selection processes, as it is one of the key ingredients in the manufacture of craft beer.

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