Craft beers are being consolidated in Catalonia, it is already a fact. The interest they awaken in society is causing the so-called “microbreweries” to spread through cities.

But if there is a craft beer that is fashionable and that monopolizes most of the attention, that is IPA. Surely you have heard of it, right?

In this article we will delve into IPA craft beer, navigating its origins and its particularities. Do not miss it!

IPA beer: what does it mean?

IPA is a set of acronyms that corresponds to the name “Indian Pale Ale”:

Indian: many believe that by holding “Indian” in their name, it means that the origin of the IPA is Indian. However, the truth is that the IPA beer was invented in the United Kingdom with the aim of transporting it to India, an English colony until not too long ago.

Pale: the malts used to make Pale beers (pale) are light colored, and give rise to pale beers, which are dried at relatively low temperatures. This makes possible the preservation of all enzymes of the cereal.

Ale: ALE are a type of high fermentation beer in which the yeasts that participate in the process of transforming the sugars of the malts into alcohol float on the surface, in contrast to the Lager beers, in which the fermentation process it is low.

The history of IPA beer

During the eighteenth century, during the period of the British colony on India, there was a large number of Englishmen who missed the beer of their country. The problem was that this one did not support the long and hot journey from England to India.

The variations of temperature and the curled waters of the southern Africa caused an unfriendly trip, that beer did not tolerate well, especially in warm seasons.

The solution to the problem was found in alcohol and hops. In this way, alcohol provided a hostile environment for microbes, and hops prevented the growth of bacteria responsible for causing acidity in beers.

The result was an Indian Pale Ale, a beer with more bitterness, alcohol, and foam, which could withstand the challenges of the journey, as well as its preservation in the destination country, India.

IPA craft beer: its characteristics

IPA beers are characterized by its intense aromas, and are classified as high fermentation beers. In addition, they present a pale and orange color, similar to amber. Its alcohol content ranges between 5,1º and 7,6º.

However, the great peculiarity of IPA beers is their great contribution of hops, which provides a greater degree of bitterness, apart from a series of aromatic nuances and particular flavors.

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