The world of the craft beer is in one of its sweetest moment. Therefore, there are many initiatives that are being carried out with the aim of satisfying an increasingly wide public interested in craft beers.

In this sense, the growing competitiveness is forcing craft beer businesses to reinvent themselves if they want to captivate and retain their public.

Something that the first microbrewery in Barcelona,  La Cervesera Artesana, is taking very seriously. Ready to meet its new claim?

Gastrotap: a fashionable concept in craft breweries

Gastrotap, as its name suggests, is a concept that combines the terms “Gastronomy” and “Tapas”.

Indeed, the Gastrotap pursues excellence and exclusivity to surprise the most select palates, through tapas made with the utmost care.

Some tapas that manage to culminate with their effect by pairing them with a strategically selected craft beer.




Gastrotap seeks the fusion of flavors without limit and the surprise effect on the palate of the consumer.

It is, without any doubt, the concept of fashion in any artisan brewery that lends itself. 

La Cervesera Artesana, driving the “Gastrotap fever”

The microbrewery La Cervesera Artesana, since its birth in 1996, has become a benchmark in the world of craft beer in Barcelona.

Its pioneering projects, such as the already consolidated beer of historical reconstruction (elaborated in collaboration with the Museu de Badalona), corroborate its professionalism and trajectory.

In fact, one of the distinctive values of this craft beer producer is its effort to surprise its customers.

Surprise through new experiences, which combine the tasting of beers with exclusive flavors and culinary art.



In this case, La Cervesera Artesana has chosen to offer an exclusive tapa that contains Nori seaweed and guacamole together with a beer, also made from nori seaweed, whose aim is to maximize the flavor of this unique tapa.

Although the color of the nori seaweed beer can be confused perfectly with a stout beer, its first sip gives it away: its marine notes and its particular flavor make this beer unique.



The nori seaweed, which is the most used to make sushi, has a good handful of nutritional properties that make it an ideal ingredient for making craft beers.

Thus, the nori seaweed is very rich in minerals, in vitamins A and vitamins B, and it has a high proportion of protein.

Another peculiarity of this type of seaweed is that it is cultivated among bamboo sticks that are located at the bottom of the bays.


The gastrotap experience, which seeks to surprise the palate of the customers, finds in the nori seaweed a perfect exponent, due to its particular flavor.

A flavor that, in this case, transports us to the deep sea of the Orient land, thanks to the incredible fusion between nori seaweed beer and the exclusive tapa, which shares the same ingredient.

Would you like to try La Cervesera Artesana’s gastrotap? Come to our establishment, in carrer Sant Agustí nº14, in the Gràcia neighborhood, in Barcelona!