Its flavor, its color, its soothing effects… Good craft beer is one of the greatest pleasures of life.

Something that is reflected in the great increase in the popularity of this drink worldwide.

Therefore, the interest in craft beer is in crescendo. For example, surely you can tell us the most well known types of beer, but would you be able to mention and explain something about its basic ingredients?

Craft beer: its 4 basic ingredients

One of the great advantages of the craft beer sector is that there is no limit to the imagination: it only takes a bit of creativity to think about the flavor you would like to incorporate into a beer. Well, that and, of course, knowing what are the 4 basic ingredients of beer. Take note!


It is the essential ingredient in the elaboration of craft beer. In fact, beer is made up of 95% water.

The choice of water that will be used to make craft beers is determined by the properties that are needed: beer brewers must opt ​​for the presence or absence of mineral salts, sulfates, chlorides, lime, etc. Some properties that will undoubtedly be part of the flavor and essence of craft beer.

In fact, most of microbreweries choose to treat water, to customize it to their needs: removing or adding salts and minerals depending on the profile of beer they want to make.

The hops

If there is a peculiarity in the taste of craft beers, it is the bitterness they present. And, the hops, is precisely responsible for it.

But this perennial climbing plant fulfills more functions in the elaboration of craft beer:

  1. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, it performs a function of liquid preservative.
  2. Hops contribute to the formation and retention of foam.
  3. It provides dryness and acidity.
  4. It acts as a natural filter at the end of cooking.



If the hops were in charge of putting the bitter notes in the beer, with the malt it is pursued to put sweeter notes.

The truth is that all types of cereals can be malted, but the most used to brew is barley, due to its components.

The shell of the barley protects the embryo and the cereal energy reserve of bacteria and external elements, while also serving as a natural filter for the brewer during maceration. In addition, barley brings softer flavors to beer.


Yeast, which is a fungus, is another key element in the making of craft beer.

The most interesting thing about yeast is its ability to produce alcohol and metabolize sugars.

Yeast is the main protagonist in the fermentation process. There are different varieties of yeast, for example, one of the best to elaborate craft beer is the so-called “Saccharomyces cerevisiae”.

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