Craft beer tastings have already become one of the most popular leisure activities among the public. However, to squeeze this experience to the fullest you must know how to taste beers. Because the magic of craft beer is not only in the taste: the aroma or even texture can be the source of wonderful experiences.

Ready to become a true expert in tasting beers?

The craft beer tasting step by step

Do you know what is the first step to be able to taste craft beers? Yes, to serve the beer in a glass. To do this you must tilt the glass to about 45º, and when you are filling it, straighten the glass until the foam has a thickness of a pair of fingers.

Another important point that sometimes goes unnoticed is that the beer should not be excessively cold. And it is that the very low temperatures kill the aromas and flavors that are hidden in craft beers.

And now, let’s see what the next steps are …

1- Appearance

Take the craft beer glass in your hands and start to analyze it as if it were a police inspection. Explore its tonalities, its color, as the gas bubbles go through the glass until it dies on high… Craft beers have a peculiar appearance and are easily distinguished from the industrial ones.

2- The sense of smell, tested

In this phase, you must put your hand on the glass, to cover it and shake it in slight circular movements. Thus, the aromas can be perceived better and you can see the level of foam retention.

The time has come to bring the glass of craft beer to your nose and smell it in all its fullness. Try to detect the different notes and guess the ingredients that are behind. Because, you know that beer masters are artists who let their imagination run wild… you can get to surprise a lot of the ingredients used to make craft beer!

3- Taste

The climax of craft beer tasting comes with this phase. First you must give 3 small sips: the first will serve to clean the palate, the second to prepare for what is coming, and with the third and you can begin to enjoy the flavor.

The craft beer must go through your mouth, do not hurry to swallow. Try to detect bitterness and sweetness, as well as fruit notes. An advice? Let yourself be carried for the moment. Closing your eyes and entering a world of memories originated by the combination of flavors that craft beer is giving you. Enjoy and enjoy again. That moment is yours and you must live it to the fullest.

4- Evaluation

You do not have to be an expert in beer to notice the difference in flavor that exists right after you swallow your beer and then, when you have taken the sip a few minutes ago.

Evaluate those differences. Do you like the initial taste of beer or you prefer the flavour get after?

What is the moment that has surprised you the most? And, what has been the type of craft beer that you liked the most?


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