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La Cervesera Artesana was conceived with the aim of living and spreading the world of beer.

That’s why besides crafting and enjoying the most singular varieties, you’ll be able to learn something more about this thousand-year-old art.

How it works: We’ll give you a tour of the microbrewery, where you’ll be told about the brewing process of craft beer. You’ll be able to sample 6 unique, fine beers, which vary depending of the time of the year. You’ll appreciate the taste of beer like you never have before.

  • Venue: This activity takes place at “la cervesera artesana”.
  • Time: Tuesdays to saturdays, from 5 to 7 pm.
  • Groups: From 2 to 20 people. If you are coming as a group, please call us beforehand to check the availability.
  • Duration: The duration of this activity is 90-120 min.
  • Note: This activity is addressed to curious, malt-and-hop-loving people with a sensitive palate. You can also complement the tasting course with the pairing course.

the price per person is 20€.


Tasting is a psychological exercise where the brain manages our senses, while the different components of music -rhythm, harmony and melody- activate and stimulate different parts of the brain itself.

This class is presented as a strict sensory exercise, in which the attendants will experience how music can affect our sensory perception, combining different beers with the music of classic composers.

Places are limited, and making prior reservation is required.

Because of the characteristics of the activity, it will not be possible to interrupt it after the 5 first minutes into the activity.

  • Minimum Attendance: : 15 people.
  • Venue: at “la cervesera artesana”.
  • When: Sundays 12 to 3 pm. Ask for availability. Phone: +(34)932 379 594.
  • The activity is conducted by David Moya, our friend and collaborator, with international experience in this area.

Price per person 40€.

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